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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 114

Ever since I started withdrawal I have had clearly defined periods of flare and calm, but this last flare, flare 6, has had me puzzled. It seems to be a longer flare, but on a slower burn, so it is tolerable, but not calm.

I was glad that I didn't wake up with wet hair this morning, but I still had some wetness around my neck, which has dried tight. I am really limiting the use of any creams to when I absolutely need them. If I can do without them, I will, but just add a very thin smear to allow joint movement when the skin is really tight or prone to split.

The skin looks calmer today and my face isn't so burning hot. I've started drinking dandelion and burdock herbal tea after finding a lot of evidence on the internet that shows that these two ingredients can lower nitric oxide levels and calm inflammation. The tea tastes gorgeous, so even if it doesn't help my skin, I can enjoy the flavour of the tea!

Next week I will be hiting the 4 months off steroids mark. I am hoping that by 6 months, I will be over the worst of it and well on my way to full recovery. I spent a lot of yesterday looking up articles on the dangers of steroid creams for Kelly's new site. The main point I gleaned from the medical articles available is that steroid creams are NOT safe to use for prolonged periods. If you are considering using steroid creams, look at the photo evidence on this blog and the other blogs on my links about steroid overuse and exercise caution. Be sure to heed the advice on the warning labels that come inside the box, otherwise the skin may become addicted.

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